Facebook Photos Show Slots at New York Casino Casinos

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Slotomania is one of the many slot machines currently available at casinos around the world. This particular machine has earned itself a reputation of being a cheat and a hazard to players that use it. A lot of people have tried to avoid it, hoping that by playing it they would just be wasting their time. What they don’t realize is that slot machines like this are a dime a dozen and players are simply looking for the free coins that come with it. If they didn’t care about the negative rep, then they would play there with confidence.

As of right now, slotomania is still legal in most casinos. Despite this though, there are some cities that have voted against it and have threatened to ban it from use. The reason behind their vote is because many times the winning combination will be cheats code which disables all the other slot machines inside the casino. When this happens, slots of all kinds are disabled until the city can organize a lottery to take its place. If it were up to them though, they would have everyone play on a progressive jackpot and the word “cheats” would die quickly from the mouths of casino goers.

A couple weeks ago, I had a chance to play on one of these slot machines. It was a progressive jackpot machine with a 2-coin payout. The odds of winning on this machine are extremely low. The casino didn’t bother to put in a slot machine that pays out a lot more. I noticed immediately though, when I got up to get a drink, that the “Welcome bonus” counter was flashing. They don’t have a lot of cash on hand in gifts or drinks in the customer service area, so most likely this was their internal way of informing the players that the bar was out of drinks and gift merchandise.

This “Welcome bonus” was actually right across the bar from the slots. On each of the machines there were free coins strewn about the floor. There were a sign posted for this free coin supply but not the kind that you usually find on casinos. I went over to the free coins and saw two men, who looked about 25 years older, standing next to an older woman who seemed to be in charge of the machine. Their appearance gave me the feeling that they must have been regulars at this establishment. The two of them were handing out the coins, as if they were hoping someone would drop some cash while playing here.

Since I live in New York City, the people who work at this establishment should have used social media like Facebook and Twitter to let people know about the free coins. Maybe they also posted the location of this establishment on their Facebook page but I doubt that because slot machines at casinos are usually listed there. In fact, the casino may have posted their own address on the Facebook page but it is likely that they had already placed it on the local newspaper’s website and it just wasn’t on Facebook.

The free coins were not worth my time so I did not play slots on this machine again. I hope that this story will help those who are new to slot machines and hopefully they will remember to use Facebook before they hand out any free coins or keys to the machines. While it does take quite a bit of time to build up a sizable bankroll, slot players can minimize losses by learning to read their bonuses and taking full advantage of them. You can also find out more information on your bonus offers by visiting various casino websites that offer them, but I would suggest reading more about the casino’s bonuses before visiting their site just to make sure you don’t miss any of the latest promotions.